Thermacam PM 595 infrared camera

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  PM595 Features

Infrared Camera Features

FLIR Thermacam PM 595


320x240 Microbolometer
Zero-Maintenance uncooled technology!
Menu-Driven GUI Camera Control
Familiar "Windows" style menus.
Radiometric Temp. Measurement
Multi-Point "In-Camera" analysis.
High-Capacity Digital Storage
IR Image w/ Voice and Text Annotation
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The Thermacam PM-595's infrared camera 320x240 Microbolometer Array provides you with the latest high resolution, low noise, uncooled thermal image available. The bolometer detector is virtually zero maintenance and requires no cryogenic (LN2 or cold finger) cooling to produce crisp clean infrared images.
The 320 x 240 focal plane array detector produces an ultra smooth image displaying the thermal differences in the scene. Multiple color palates are available (onboard and via software) to help you pinpoint the exact data that you need.



The Graphical User Interface, onboard the camera, allows the user complete control over the instrument via familiar "Windows Style" menus. The 595 offers you an unprecedented level of control over image and temperature analysis settings allowing you to easily adjust the camera to each unique application you come across. The system also affords you the convenience of "auto-adjusting" image and temperature settings. This unit can operate in a fully automatic mode, completely manual mode, or anywhere in between!


3 Phase Fuses for 50HP Compressor

The PM595 IR Camera system allows you to monitor temperature data in a variety of ways to suit your application. You can monitor multiple spots in real time right in the camera. You can set the system to seek the Max. Temperature in the scene, The Minimum Temperature in the scene, or even to tell you averages. With additional software packages you can further analyze thermal variances and compile a comprehensive Predictive Maintenance database for your company's valuable assets.


Main Distribution Panel Switch


The PCMCIA Digital storage medium is like a Hard Drive in your desktop computer system. You can separate your images into different directories and recall or discard them all from within the camera interface. The 595 allows you to record and play back audio and text messages that are embedded in the image. This can make your inspections much more efficient allowing you to roam the facility hands free and accurately record your findings. A 160mb card is standard and higher capacity cards of 520mb and more are available allowing you to store thousands and thousands of images!
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