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Thermal Camera Accessories

PM595 accessories

Color LCD Screen
Close Focus Lenses
Digital Camera Image Capture
Batteries and Charging Bay
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FLIR Thermacam 595 LCD Screen
Custom Fabricated LCD Flat panel display with "Clear-Shell" face and ultra bright TFT performance. The LCD panel attaches to the camera via proprietary quick lock connection and requires no additional power supply! This is an indispensable option when doing work in tight areas, on rooftops, looking up at buss ducts / transmission lines, or even for comfortable viewing in a laboratory / Research and Development application.
Flat Roof Inspection
Roofing insulation moisture damage
Underground infrared detection
Underground Light Pole Short Circuit


Close Focus Lens This little piece of polished magic brings you closer for the most detailed of thermal inspections. Close focus lens adapters twist onto the front of the main lens. The camera recognizes the lens and automatically calibrates itself. Multiple configurations are possible allowing resolution down to 100 micron. Don't forget the 595's built in 4x digital zoom!
circuit board analysis
Small Circuit Board Device
Medical infrared imaging
Close-up Medical Breast study


Digital Camera
*Actual camera model will vary.
FREE with the purchase of this model IR Camera. For proper identification you need to have reliable color images of the components that you are scanning.
Square D electrical lighting contactors
thermacam image Square D


FLIR Battery Charger
Standard 4-bay charger with two batteries. Additional batteries are available.
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