Thermal infrared pipe leak detector technology


IR Reveals the hidden earth below!

Thermal infrared imagers are capable of distinguishing subtle and not so subtle differences in heat and produce a meaningful image from this information. The subtle differences (.1 degree or less) are great for determining small pinhole leaks in pressurized systems or for locating coke deposits and possible burn through locations or even leaks in underground pipe systems. The higher temperature differences can reveal invisible flame events, verify and diagnose steam trap operation, alarm and control via thermal input of rupture and clogged piping.

Steam Pipe and Trap show Operational

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Thermal Infrared pipeline surveys not only provide data on possible leakage points but also on the status of the way leave, showing up any ground disturbance or building works over the pipeline.

The surveys generally fall into two categories:

Low level surveys of the known course of a pipeline over open country. By carrying out a low level survey, extremely high resolution images may be produced which are invaluable to leakage engineers for defect identification and prioritization.

Higher level surveys of rural countryside where pipes lie but whose exact position is not known. These are usually flown at 2,000 feet, which gives a good balance between resolution and flying time (and therefore cost). The pipe or pipe bed is usually visible around 60% of the time depending on ground composition & cover.

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