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  NS 200

Night Sight 200 Specifications

All NightSight(TM)200 products allow for detection of man-sized object from as far away as 2,400' (738m), and larger objects such as boats are made visible at greater distances. In addition, the 200 series spots smaller obstacles, with only slight temperature differentials to the water, such as buoys, small boats and debris in the water any time of day and night.

Series 200 Camera W/Pan & Tilt Specifications. The following specs are general in nature and each individual system comes with a unique feature set. Contact us anytime to discuss your application and which nightsight model will work the best for you.


Pan: 360 degrees continuous, operator controlled +180 degrees auto, 0 degrees to 45 degrees/second, operator controlled

Tilt: -16 degrees to + 40 degrees from horizontal, 0 degrees to 4 degrees/second, operator controlled

Auto Scan Mode

Field of View: 12 degrees x 6 degrees

Automatic "find forward" function

Image Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels


Size: 12"W x 10.250" H x 9.750" (305mm x 260mm x 248mm)

Weight: 19lb (8.8 kg) without battery


Field of View 12 degrees x 9 degrees

Focus Range Focus Range: 10ft (3.3m) to infinity

Range to Detect a Person 2400ft (800m)

Image Resolution 320 x 240 Pixels

INTERFACES Standard Video Interface


Power Source Operating Voltage: 10.5 VDC to 16 VDC, 12 VDC nominal

Power Consumption (Typical) Power consumption: 6 watts (typical) 25 watts (maximum)


Dimensions Size 7.5" W x 7.75" H x 8.25" D (190mm x 197mm x 210mm)

Weight without Battery Weight: 7.5lb (3.4 kg)


Operating Temperature -40 degrees to +140 degrees F (-40 to +60 degrees C)

Water Resistance Weatherproof package


4.5" (Diagonal) B&W

Size: 5.125"W x 4.375" H x 6" D (130mm x 111mm x 152.4mm)

Operating temperature: 14 degrees to 122 degrees F (-10 degrees to 50 degrees C)

Voltage: 12 VDC (nominal)

Power: 14 watts

7" (Diagonal) B&W

Size: 81/8" W x 6" H x 81/8" D

Operating Temperature: 5 degrees to 140 degreesF (-15 degrees to +60 degrees C)

Voltage: 12 VDC

Power: 23 watts


Joystick Control Box

Size: 4.125" W x 1.5" H x 2.750" D (105mm x 38mm x 70mm)

Pad Control Box

Size: 4.125" W x 1.0" H x 2.750" D (105mm x 25.4mm x 70mm)







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