Thermal Infrared Radiometer 525/S

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Infrared camera Specifications

120 element linear array of uncooled thermoelectric detectors, 50 µm square pixels
System Dynamic Range 12 bits usable with digitizing resolution of 16 bits
FOV 17.2 degrees horizontal and 17.2 degrees vertical Standard Optics Optional FOV available
Lens Germanium 20mm, F/0.8, focus 10” to infinity
Spectral Band 8 µm to 12 µm, anti-reflection coated Germanium optics
NETD <0.1C @ 30C
Accuracy 2C or 2% of reading
Measurement Temperatures 0 to 350C (custom ranges available within -30°C to 1200°C)
Operating Temperature 0 to 40C (0 to 50°C custom range available)
Power Input 4 Batteries
Image Scan Time Approximately 2 seconds
Battery Operating Time >60 minutes with 3 AH battery, up to 12 hours with optional 14.4 AH battery belt
Image Storage 64 Mbyte CF PCMCIA card
Communication RS-232, 300 to 115K baud selectable
Display 102mm/4.0 inch active matrix color LCD, high luminance
Video Output Selectable NTSC/PAL
Functions Focus, snap, store, scan, recall, hot spot, frame average, histogram, and setup menu
Setup Menu Options Emissivity, background temperature, temperature units, color palette, autoscale and fixed ranges, focus width, time, date, RS-232 baud rate, NTSC/PAL select
Size 240 x 100 x 130mm/9.4 x 3.9 x 5.1 inches, L x W x H, not including lens
Weight <2.0Kg/4.4 lbs with lens and battery

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