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Mechanical is just as important as electrical PDM!

In all electrical or mechanical systems excessive heat is usually a hallmark of future problems. Our thermographers (equipped with high quality thermal imaging systems) can reliably detect this heat and report potential problem areas to you prior to failure. A comprehensive infrared inspection program, performed by professional thermographers, can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures, and most importantly save lives and money.

Motors / Shafts / Bearings
Large motors are usually connected to large shafts which are stabilized by large bearings. If one link in this chain of vital equipment is broken the results can be disastrous. Infrared inspections can reveal potential failure points in these systems. Make the choice to Inspect and repair before your only choice left is to shutdown, wait for parts, and then make the repair

Production Line Bearings
Any size production line involves many rolling bearings along the material transfer path. The relatively slow speed of these bearings allows for reliable thermal scans. Problem parts can be replaced during a scheduled shut down preventing a costly unscheduled shut down.

Turbine generator bearings
Oil sampling tests from the bearings of one 7.5 MW turbine generator showed an increase in tin and lead content. The probe gap (which measures the distance between a noncontact displacement probe and the shaft) indicated that the shaft in the No. 1 bearing had dropped about 0.03 in. from its original position, suggesting that the bearing surface was worn or damaged. The bearing was disassembled and severe damage was found. If the problem had not been detected, the bearing would have failed and repairs would have cost millions of dollars. In this case, vibration and wear particle analyses did not flag the problem, but oil and probe gap analyses did.






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