Infrared Camera Packages

  IR-300 Package

These Forward Looking Infrared packages based on the SPI IR250 and 250 PRO FLIR systems are standard equipment from us.

*We market each system as a complete Camera Kit including all the accessories that should come with the camera. All SPI IR-250 and 250PRO Packages come with the following items. We consider this to be the bare minimum.

  • Thermal Camera System
  • 24 hr. NoCharge® battery system allows up to 24hr continueos use or almost one month of daily use (1hr per day) with no recharge or access to electrical connections!
  • SPI Level 1 Thermal Training IR Resources CDROM
  • SPI EZ Report IR Software Template
  • Operations Manual
  • AC/DC Smart Charger
  • Gold Plated 6' video cables
  • IR Sensitive coated optics cleaning and care kit
  • Hard Shell case with O-Ring seal and pressure release valve

This is what is included in the MINIMUM package for the IR-300 that we sell for up far less than the competitions imaging systems. We have a number of application specific packages available for law enforcement, energy audit, PDM, and other applications. We also carry the largest selection of high quality Demo/Pre-owned systems to really save you money. Contact us today for the latest low price packages. 702-369-3966






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