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Flat Roof Damaged Insulation Thermal Infrared Inspection Theory

On a clear day the flat roof absorbs a large amount of infrared energy from the sun. The insulation absorbs this energy and holds onto it. This process
is crucial to the success of a thermal inspection with an infrared camera.
When the sun goes down and the BUR roof structure is exposed to the vacuum of space it rapidly gives up
its stored thermal energy. The thermal mass of damaged insulation or wet insulation is greater than that of dry insulation.
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Dry insulation and wet insulation have different thermal masss .............The sun heats the roof..........when it cools these differences produce a thermal pattern.......

The net result is that the problem area gives up its heat energy slower than the normal areas. This produces a distinctive pattern that can be imaged and analyzed. The process does not work on every kind of system that is currently available but you should be able to cover the vast majority of buildings with this simple information. This is a simplification of a technical subject beyond the scope of this web page. For more information Contact one of our Tech Support Representatives.






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