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Guidelines for a flat roof infrared inspection

Professional results come from qualified individuals with the right equipment. Infrared training is highly recomended before attempting a flat roof inspection. Thermal cameras are amazing tools but they must be used correctly if you want to uncover moisture damage in your built up roof structure.
Visually Inspect the Site
Walk the site during daylight hours. Look for access points to the roof structure and climb the ladders to take a peak topside. Once up top check for any areas that may present a problem at night. Verify access points for split elevation structures and take note of obstacles and protrusions.
Check The Weather
The weather is a crucial variable that must be accounted for at all times. Long clear days of prolonged sunshine followed by clear nights are the best. You may even see a visible difference if clouds cover the sky at night while you are inspecting. Make sure you don't forget that the windspeed must be below 5mph for the best results.
Perform The Inspection
Make sure you have an assistant with you before you climb on any structure! About 1-2 hours sundown ascend to the site. turn on the imager and take a look around. If you don't see much of anything turn it off and wait a little while. Try it again. You are waiting for your window of opportunity. When it opens you will know it! Take your time in composing your images. Get the best possible image you can. Safety First, do not walk off the edge or trip.
Verify and Report
Check any suspicious patterns against the interior of the facility. See if there is any reason for the pattern to show up other than a problem area. Pay attention to machinary placement and furnace or kiln regions as this energy will radiate up. Layout your report and deliver to the customer on time!


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