The Infrared Spectrum

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Short-wave vs. Longwave

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Where in the infrared spectrum is the correct wavelength for my infrared camera needs?

As Temperatures rise the wavelength in the infrared spectrum being emitted decreases until it eventually becomes visible to the naked eye (like a hot stove or a light bulb filament). Going by this theory alone the "Shortwave" IR camera will perform "better" for higher temperature analysis.
Today's Technology
Thermal cameras have come a long way from old bulky units requiring liquid nitrogen and producing fuzzy images. Today's thermal imagers are high resolution hand held devices that are extremely reliable. The cameras can be calibrated to service a wide array of applications or they can be custom designed to fit your unique situation. There are instances when certain wavelength camera will be the most appropriate for your needs. Most of the time that will not be the primary concern and other factors such as feature set, image quality and budget will take precedence. Many cameras can perform a multitude of tasks and may be more appropriate for your budget and overall Predictive Maintenance goals. We offer training solutions to help you get the most out of this technology and make you a more informed consumer. Additionally, feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions regarding this information. 805-772-0225 or 702-369-3966.





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