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Electrical predictive maintenance inspection Thermal IR procedures

If properly conducted infrared electrical surveys are safe, fast, and reliable. Thermal inspections are non contact. Inspections can be performed at any time without shutting down the facility. Electrical, mechanical, furnace, refractory, and most process applications can be handled by the right thermal camera and a trained operator. The following outlines the very basics of a successful electrical predictive maintenance survey.


The Basic Steps

Meet with appropriate staff on site and review the service order covering what will be inspected, who will accompany the thermographer, and what type of reporting is expected (i.e. videotape, written report, and / or verbal reporting).
Prepare inspection with the designated staff member or electrical contractor. Have them remove panels to prepare access to components. Discuss each type of component to determine how you will inspect it. Have them determine (with clamp on ammeter) that electrical circuits are operating at 50% of rated load or more, if possible.

Safety Tip:
A qualified electrical contractor or facility engineer should always accompany you on the inspection. Have them open the panels and guide your access to components. They can also provide useful information on components you are inspecting (making your job easier).

Inspect with infrared camera. Record the sharpest images you can. Be wary of reflections and emissivity values. Keep detailed records of load reading, temperature measurements, and all infrared images of any suspect components found

Safety Tip:
When inspecting electrical panels and components be aware of your distance. High energy electrical power can arc out and ruin your day!

Prepare the report. Write a clear concise report of all problem areas found. Include your load readings, live and thermal images, and properly written recommendations.
Whenever possible, inspect electrical systems when loading exceeds 50%

The above information covers the basic steps. Proper training should be undertaken before you begin working. Contact us for free expert evaluations and recomendations for your custom applications.





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