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Infrared Cameras detect over loaded electrical circuits

Distribution panel Loose and dirty connections may be the most common electrical faults found in most facilities but overloaded circuits can and do fail with disastrous consequences. Fortunately, we can detect overloaded and phase to phase problems with infrared technology.

An overloaded circuit shows heat along the entire wire run................. A trained thermographer with an Infrared Camera can easily detect overload, connection, and phase to phase problems in your facility......

An overloaded circuit occurs when the draw of a component is greater than the weakest link in the electrical circuit. Using an smaller gauge wire than a particular component was designed for is a good example. The wire is designed to pass current but not that much current. As a result the conductor becomes resistive. The images on this page are of an overloaded main distribution panel. The actual problem was elsewhere in the facility but because it was overloading the circuit the effects were seen along the entire wire run.
Distribution Panel
Main Power Supply
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