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Using Infrared Cameras for electrical predictive maintenance in facilities.

Infrared Camera finds loose electrical connection As temperature in a conductor rises, so does it's resistance. Conversely, as resistance increases the temperature rises. The majority of electrical problems involve improperly torqued connections or components improperly installed at junction points in buss ducts and disconnects.

When RESISTANCE increases TEMPERATURE rises...........The majority of electrical problems can be traced by a trained thermographer using and INFRARED CAMERA...........

A loosely torqued connector effectively reduces the surface area in which electrical current can flow and causes an increase in the contact resistance. Oxidation build up at the connection point can also cause a rise in current resistance. The origin of conductor, insulation, and component type electrical problems can be traced to a poor connection by a trained thermographer using an infra-red camera.

Breaker panel with bad connection





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