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The Electromagnetic Spectrum: Graphic Chart

The electromagnetic spectrum shows the relationship of varying forms of energy including the visible light that we see with our eyes. All energy in the spectrum moves at the speed of light. As you go to the right on the chart below the wavelength increases. If you draw a wave the distance between the peaks of each wave is known as it's "wavelength".

Visible Light is a very narrow portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.............All objects emit infrared energy...............Reflected Infrared energy VS. Emitted Infrared Energy..............Call if you have questions 805-772-0225....................

Gamma Rays &
These rays have the shortest wavelength and produce a tremendous amount of energy. These waves can penetrate most objects.

UV, Visible &
Infrared Energy

Visible light is a very narrow portion of the entire spectrum. Infrared energy is very similar to visible light but is usually associated with heat. All objects radiate infrared energy. Infrared Cameras can convert this energy into a visual representation of the thermal differences in the scene.

Microwaves &
Radio Waves
These are the longest of waves. Radio waves can reach wavelengths of 1 kilometer or more. Radio waves can be used to image distant objects (radio telescope).







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