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The 400 series infrared camera is available for rental or sale and features the following basic Technical Specifications that are common to most models. Many custom configurations are available including coated optics (wide and telephoto), extended temperature range, menu controls, and application specific power requirements. Every imager that SPI offers comes as a complete package with all the needed accessories.

SPI-400 Macro Ocular Optics. 13mm x 13mm object fills the screen

Technical Specifications

Detector Type: MCT - Sprite
Wavelength: 2-5 Um (shortwave)
Thermal Sensitivity: 0.1 c
Warmup time: Less than 20 seconds
Image Storage: 3.5" floppy
Optics: SWIR Gm 20 degree FOV lens
Focus range: 12" to infinity (20° lens) Macro 13mm x 13mm
Video out: Standard RCA RS-170
External screen (included): Color, high res. TFT
Package Sealed radiometric video
Measurement Range: -4 degrees F to 932 degrees F (standard) Extended ranges available to 2500 degrees C
Operating Range: 5 degrees F to 131 degrees F
Storage: -40 degrees F to 158 degrees F
Shock/Vibration : 5.0 G/0.5 G
Display Type: 625 lines, Includes eyepiece display and external display
Display Resolution: 400 lines
Display Levels: 5,10 or 128
IR-dynamic Range: 13 bit (78 dB)
IR-Line Frequency: 4000 Hz
Applications: PCB inspection
Building maintenance
Research and development (R&D)
Predictive and preventive maintenance of mechanical and electrical distribution systems
Perimeter surveillance
Non Destructive testing
PCB circuit board infrared scans
Locating faulty electrical connections
Checking steam traps and valves
Surveying substation, switchgear & transformers
Monitoring motors and rotating equipment
Locating refractory breakdown
Inspecting pipe and vessel insulation
Identifying wet insulation on rooftops
Examining bad connections
Monitoring vessels for fluid leakage

Due to the versatility of this system it would be impossible to quote every possible price. Please contact us today to discuss your unique application and possible system setups to achieve your data goals. 805-772-0225

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