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Thermacam Ultra & Thermacam SC1000 High resolution infrared cameras

Ultracam Thermography infrared camera

THV 500 series elite IR imaging cameras

TCam PM595 radiometric infrared camera

iR- Prism radiometric color camera with 25 & 50 mm lenses + HT filter w/ image storage

iR400 PDM infared camera

Z206l1 helicopter ship for
sale w/FLIR gyro gimbal IR system - $619,000

Hummer for sale
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Infrared Cameras for Predictive Maintenance

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We offer you the widest variety of infrared cameras and thermal imagers of any company in the world. We bring you the lowest price on brand new state of the art technology. We help you chose the camera that is right for your application from a knowledge base of information on just about every camera system that has ever been manufactured. We have detailed information on electrical predictive maintenance, Mechanical, energy audits, PCB analysis, Pipe leak detection, Flat roof surveys, process control and more. We are expert at failure analysis and probability studies using ir technology and trending reports.

We have many mobile mount thermal imaging solutions available to both the military and law enforcement / Civilian markets. Contact US today for the latest pricing. 702-369-3966. For more information regarding the latest in Infrared Camera systems and UAV ( unmaned aerial vehicles ) check out our new super site.

RAZ-iR industrial Thermal Camera


 The RAZ-iR infrared camera is a breakthrough in price, size and performance.  This full blown thermography system offers many features typically found on cameras costing thousands of dollars more than the RAZ-iR.  Call us today to discuss the many advantages of this amazing new camera system.
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IR PROx hand held Infrared Camera
The IR Pro FLIR thermal handheld imaging camera is a robust system which is suitable for a wide array of thermal imaging applications

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IR-250 DX Thermal Imager
The IR 250 Digital camera is a lightweight thermal imaging system that is ideal for surveillance, Security, Law enforcement and Military / government applications. The ir 250DX is a digital high end thermal infrared imaging powerhouse

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IR-235 DX FLIR Infrared Camera

The newest addition to the SPI family is the IR-235 compact thermal imager. This new unit shatters the $10k barrier to bring you quality thermal imaging at the greatest possible value.

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  Digital Thermal FLIR weapon Sight

The first affordable thermal weapon sight designed specifically for homeland security, police and security professionals. SpecterIR uses heat imaging technology previously only available for military applications

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T14 Multi Function Tactical Thermal Monocular Weapon Sight FLIR scope

The new T14 Thermal IR monocular is the smallest and most versatile thermal imager available. The unit can be used as a hand held thermal IR viewer, hands free head mounted goggle and as a precision thermal weapon sight.

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IR-400 DX Series infrared camera

The new IR PRO 400D thermal infrared imaging system will provide you with real time color thermal imaging and digital image storage. The unique PDA attachment provides touch screen controls of vital camera

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IR-CAM TPM 4 thermography camera

The newest contender on the block the IR CAM TPM is one of the smallest and easy to use packages we have ever seen. You've heard the phrase before a million times but finally there is now a true "toolbox"

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IR-360 Force Protection, Mobile, fixed, marine pan tilt zoom PTZ Thermal imaging FLIR cameras

The IR 360 remote thermal imaging platform represents the state of the art in rugged military grade thermal imaging solutions. The 360 is available in a wide range of COTS configurations including mobile, marine, pan-tilt-zoom and fixed mount scenarios.

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X200Xpi Mini Thermal Infrared cam

The Compact X200Xpi Thermal-eye system is a robust infrared camera which is applicable for a wide variety of FLIR technology applications such as security, surveillance and condition monitoring

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IR-400 Series RadioMetric

The 400 series thermal imaging systems are known far and wide as the "workhorse of the industry". These robust imagers provide you with real time thermal video, accurate temperature measurement, onboard

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IR 5100 Thermal infrared imager


The IR 5100 thermal package represents a unique opportunity for our customers to get into a complete thermal imaging package at an incredible value. The 5100 is ideal for short to medium range surveillance / force protection and industrial & commercial applications.

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IR Thermal Camera Engine

The latest in thermal imaging technology packaged in an OEM configuration for rapid development into your designs. Infrared camera modules are available in a wide range of configurations from simple volts

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IR-CAM 59x

The 595 is one of the all time greatest handheld thermal imaging systems ever produced. Featuring high performance uncooled thermal imaging, full radiometric data, sharp color and the easiest to use control

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The latest in mobile pan-tilt thermal imaging is now affordable. The new 4000B is an all purpose weatherized remote sensing camera that can easily be mounted to a vehicle (mounting kits available) or

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TWS2000 Thermal Weapon Sight

High resolution Thermal Infrared FLIR imaging Weapon sight for extreme battlefield & specialized operations. TWS2000 mounts to standard firearms & offers crisp imaging and unparalleled target acquisition in low or no light applications.

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  TOPAZ Multi Sensor Aerial / Marine FLIR stabilized Imaging system
The latest in affordable aerial / Marine gimbals stabilized FLIR imagers, the TOPAZ is ideal for military, law enforcement and Marine professionals where super sensitive multi platform sensors are required for the most demanding of applications. Just over $100K, the Topaz is a low cost solution for ...

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MMXFLIR multi camera platform

MMXFLIR is a premier 3-5Ám tri-field of view long range surveillance and security solution with a bore sighted CCTV for mobile and stationary land, air, and sea related operations. The system is a completely integrated solution on a controllable pan/tilt system. The MMXFLIR offers one of the most comprehensive integrated thermal imaging systems available today. The system offers cooled IR detector technology with three fields of view as well as visible detection.

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The latest in mobile pan-tilt thermal imaging is now affordable and MARINE rated. The new 4000B is an all purpose marine weatherized remote sensing camera that can easily be mounted to a vessel, vehicle

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  IR747 PRO Thermovision camera

The IR747 Pro thermovision infrared camera is a stand alone FLIR imaging system with color uncooled thermal images along with radiomentric temperature measurement. The system is ideal for R&D, thermovision, security, condition monitoring & a wide array of FLIR applications.

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IR-700 Series
The iR 700 series Thermal Infrared Imaging Cameras were designed for applications requiring accurate real-time analysis, condition monitoring & Thermographic profiling. Digital storage, a unique electro

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IR-CAM 55x

The 550 is a great handheld radiometric thermal imaging system that features superb image quality, accurate temperature measurement, digital image storage and analysis / reporting software packages.

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TWS/TS-x20 FLIR hand held and weapon sight FLIR scope

The TWS-X20 & TS-X20 represent the pinnacle of lightweight compact flir imaging sights, weapon sighting and hand held flir imaging are made easily with real time imaging. Ideal for military law enforcement and EOD, SAR applications

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VideoThermal 2000

The Video Thermal 2000 is an affordable solution to Radiometric imaging applications. These units feature temperature measurement, high resolution color imaging, LCD display and analysis software.

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T7 Thermal Infrared Binoculars / Goggles

T7 Thermal infrared FLIR goggle-Binocular system is a state of the art fused FLIR system. Night Vision NVG TWS systems approved

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Eagle Imager 6 FireF imager

All Scott products have an unsurpassed record of reliable performance and rugged dependability. Scott's Eagle Imager thermal camera contains such advanced technology its sensor can detect temperature

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T5000 Thermal long range binoculars

The T5000 thermal imaging binocs are a state of the art SOCOM EOD qualified military FLIR dual eye special operations binocular system.

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T710 Digital Thermal IR camera

The T710 is a fully integrated digital Thermal infrared radiometric imaging camera with precise temperature measurement and a wide array of industrial and scientific features, all packed in a rugged chassis with a brilliant 4" color screen and intuitive user functionality

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The Thermal Infracam system is based on the ultra high resolution PtSi detector technology. This sensor is used in high end testing cameras as well as state of the art military imaging systems.

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Infracam is a registered trademark of FLIR Systems, Inc.  Sierra Pacific Innovations is in no way related to, or affiliated with, FLIR Systems, Inc., nor is Sierra Pacific an authorized distributor of FLIR Systems, Inc.

IR/X-100 Compact Thermal Viewer

The new breakthrough X100 pocket infrared imager is finally here! This rugged thermal imager is small enough to fit in your pocket. The scope is ideal for military / law enforcement needs as well as predictive ...

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  Panther-X Long Range Fusion Thermal Imager

The Panther-X Long Range Dual Field Of view military thermal  infrared IR imager is a state of the art FLIR surveillance system coupled with a zoom CCTV camera in a rugged PTZ pan tilt zoom platform

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Z Series handheld infrared camera

The Z series thermal FLIR infrared imaging camera is a compact hand held thermal night vision imager which offers digital zoom, scene temperature measurement and real time thermal video

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Nikon Radiometric Camera

This is one of the highest resolution thermal camera systems ever designed. The Nikon name is world renowned for quality photographic equipment. The Nikon thermal imager is no exception. The features ...

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IRCAM EPM-25 Multi-task thermal imager

The IRcam EPM25 Multi Task Infrared thermal imager stands alone in high performance and reliability. This robust uncooled long wave 320x240 masterpiece offers user friendly interface along with digital imaging features for a wide array of infrared imaging applications

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ThermaSnap 52x

The ThermaSnap operates much like a digital camera and captures crisp thermal images with fully calibrated temperature measurement. This handheld, infrared imaging radiometer displays IR images in color ...

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Fusion 1000X Long Range FLIR imager

The Fusion 1000x Thermal imager is an ultra long range surveillance thermal imager which packs super sensitive Indium Antimonide sensor for detection ranges in excess of 20 kilometers for vehicular target and 17 kilometers for man sized target.

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UltraCam Radiometer

The UltraCam series of thermal infrared imaging cameras represents the pinnacle of infrared camera technology. Superior image quality, accurate temperature analysis, s-video output and computer interface ...

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The IR-200 Series of thermal infrared imagers is one of the first truly portable handheld imagers ever made. We have a limited number of pre-owned models in stock. This is a very reliable portable imaging ...

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  Electric Surveillance Infrared UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle)

The E2 electric powered UAV is a breakthrough in design and function. Capable of longer mission times and higher payload capacities than any other electric Micro-UAV available.

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PD-300 Infrared Camera

The PtSi sensor in this radiometric infrared imaging system produces one of the finest images of all time. Accurate temperature measurement, vivid color paletes and digital image storage make this unit ...

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IRXP-500 digital FireWire R&D IR camera

The IRXP-500 is a digital state of the art automated thermal infrared camera designed for professional applications such as process control, research and development, automation & a wide array of temperature measuring tasks which require real-time digital analysis and data acquisition.

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High Sensitivity Radiance Thermal Imager

The Radiance Infrared Camera offers ultra high resolution and super thermal sensitivity suited for military research, PCB analysis, R&D, medical, condition monitoring, and remote sensing applications.

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IR-Cam 6xx

The THV 6xx series is the pinacle of the THV product line. This system is state of the art in every way. No other system can match it for accuracy, reliability and ease of use. We have a very limited ...

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Thermal eye IR Imaging cameras are catered for use in a wide variety of Imaging applications such as military, Mobile or fixed FLIR pan tilt, security, surveillance, industrial, commercial and R&D needs

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The IRCAM EPM Package is a powerful thermal imaging solution that is rugged and one of the easiest cameras to use. We have a limited supply of these low cost full color temperature measurement systems ...

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Mil-Cam 3-5 micron hand held thermal imager

The Mil-Cam Mid wave thermal imager offers exceptional image quality. The Cooled MWIR infrared camera is designed for use in harsh environments where ultra sensitive thermal imaging and crisp image quality for detection and recognition is essential.

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The LS Series

The LS Series of Long Wave Uncooled Thermal Imagers offers unique advantages in a compact all solution package. The system utilizes its exterior case as an environmentally sealed housing, eliminating the need for additional enclosures.

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Explore IR Thermal Infrared Camera

exploreIR.jpg (7706 bytes)

The Explore IR Thermal infrared imaging camera offers exceptional color or black & white thermal images along with extensive temperature measurement features for a wide array of night vision, thermography and imaging applications.

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NZDS- Night Modular Military ClipOn Sight

The US Army has conducted comptetive tests and has singled out the NADS-750, 850, and 1000 as superior in performance and reliability. System performance is designed into our NADS products.

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RP 50/250 Series

The RP long-range mid-wave thermal imaging systems operate in the 3-5 micron spectral region, which is the best choice for marine and high humidity environments.

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The Stealth IR sets new standards for surveillance and security thermal imagers. The system is based on the latest generation 320x240 Microbolometer Focal Plane Array Technology.

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Defender Fusion 500CT

The Defender 500CT is a long range Thermal imaging FLIR camera suitable for Force Protection, perimeter security, border and shoreline surveillance. The system can be used on PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom remote monitoring platforms including wireless imaging applications

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